Planning for the indefinite future is always a great idea. Whether it is from a financial, residential or career standpoint, thinking about the life that awaits us is wise planning and preferable to encountering unanticipated obstructions.

But every now and when, it’s a terrific idea to live entirely in the present. The best method for doing so is to view the world from the perspective of a two-year old (whom I love with unqualified passion).

He encounters life as one adventure after another. No event has any greater significance than another. The best example is a first haircut. As we ooh and aah and take a hundred photos, he sees it as pesky hair off his neck and a sucker. Playing with a train can be the next event, presenting an advantage because it allows for participation. Haircuts are entirely passive while we can actively throw railroad cars off the track.

Eating is also much less complicated and arguably more enjoyable as a two-year old. We go through hours of diligence and preparation to create the perfect meal. His response is a better and probably more gratifying one. The appearance, temperature, aroma and texture of food are all unimportant. What does matter is how quickly hunger can be deleted with anything at all in order to approach the next challenge.

Maybe we can learn from this type of immediacy and gratification. It becomes a preferable idea to enjoy what we’re doing right now. Enjoyment must be available to us when we need and want it.

If we assign ourselves to filling current moments, we are not compromising our future in any way. Spontaneous actions are often the best memories and the ones that are exquisite in their timeliness. Shalom.

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