If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in the world. Abraham Lincoln

One of the best characteristics of true friendship is that it is uniquely reciprocal. While I would deprioritize everything in order to assist a friend who needed me, I am certain that my friend would automatically do the same.

With reflection, I am certain that the friendships that I enjoy are great sources of strength. Friends are cheerleaders, celebrators, sources of comfort and those who share our various passions. They know why we feel the way we do about virtually any subject without our need to explain or justify anything.

As I consider the most compelling reasons why certain friendships endure, we often call those people friends who have been constant during times of crisis. The crisis can be large or small, with permanent or temporary effects. But we always know that we can call upon certain people when the world is most difficult.

This degree of loyalty is hard to find, it seems. We watch numerous politicians coming and going, often for reasons that we will never understand. To make this perplexing, these are often people who have displayed loyalties and friendship.

Somehow, friendships that come from working relationships are usually transient. After that employment ends, so do many of the alliances or camaraderie that developed from that environment.

Maybe this type of friendship is more valuable as we grow older. Distance often makes spending time with friends more difficult to achieve and the obstacles we face appear to be more substantial. Through it all, I become increasingly grateful for the strength of friends who I hope are equally enriched by my unqualified dedication to them. Shalom.

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