Try to persuade a group of pre-lunch first graders that writing is good for them. How does that work?

We’re discussing our favorite holidays and the answers are fabulous. We like Halloween because of all the candy. We like the Fourth of July because of the fireworks. And we like Christmas because that’s when God was born and we get lots of presents.

In every case, it is surprisingly important to spell words correctly. This appears to be the most important part of the activity. Ultimately, it is the life lesson.

Most of us want to be heard and we understand that one condition for that is accuracy. Does form precede function or vice versa? Most likely, they are synonymous. If you are at all like me, you notice all of the errors in a book or essay. To some authors, it may not matter. But to me, flaws in my work are an embarrassment and a commentary on my attention to detail.

And so, it becomes easy to teach that writing is good for your brain. It’s a significant exercise and good practice for life. Speak your mind, clearly and precisely. It will prepare or support you for all of the life challenges ahead of you.

If accuracy doesn’t automatically happen for you, call on one of us who prioritize it. If it doesn’t matter, consider the possibility that you’re diluting or contaminating your message. No matter what the specifics may be, recording thoughts and feelings is a gift to others as well as to you. And it’s good for the brain. Shalom.

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