One of my long-standing and treasured clients has entrusted me with the privilege of writing bi-weekly blogs for her two websites. Initially, I was immediately able to identify topics for these very specific subjects.

While these are not the actual topics, imagine writing 250 to 300 words on something similar to eating habits of southwestern prairie dogs during winter. The blogs need to be entertaining, engaging and contemporary. While this isn’t the true topic, you can appreciate the challenges afforded by limited subject matter.

After the first several months, I began to wonder if my inspiration would evaporate or dissipate. This would be nothing short of catastrophic. My promise had been to produce new copy, faithfully and consistently.

At no time have I run short of ideas for my own blogs. While some content may be more popular than others, I have yet to lack in enlightenment from the diverse and dynamic world around me. If this is true, why did I worry about the websites?

You’ve probably guessed the answer – there was no reason to be concerned. Several nights ago, I completed the most recent blog entry and focused on the next. Magically and spontaneously, I recorded ten new blog themes.

And so it seems, I need to become more proficient at the advice I offer to others. Large and small, old and young, we must learn to rely on ourselves, spending the time on visualizing best possible outcomes rather than predicting frustration or failure.

We’ve all seen the clichés – do your best, all great journeys begin with a first step, etc. In this case, my lesson was that I already had what I needed. Waiting for truth (or wisdom or guidance) is a waste of time and effort. You have everything necessary to succeed. Shalom.

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