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As good as my word

Because I don’t break promises, it always surprises me when I am asked about one that I have made. For example, I promised candy to second graders when they successfully completed a task.

One student had the temerity to ask if it was real candy. The sarcastic voice in me reported that the candy was plastic, quickly modifying my response to confirm that it was real candy and that they could eat it.

This was reason for me to wonder if kids have learned not to trust. How can it be that we tell kids one thing and do another? Perhaps this is indicative of a larger social ill.

My preference is to avoid referencing current political conflict and contradictions. Readers will need to ask their own questions about unfulfilled political promises and those that are worthy of being forgotten.

On a more everyday level, it scares and concerns me to consider all of the broken adult oaths. Let’s begin with the one where I will feed, dress, educate and protect you. That doesn’t include chaining you to a bed for years or withholding necessary nourishment. It also includes buying you a winter coat instead of using that money to buy drugs.

Role modeling is another way of keeping promises. If you rob, cheat, shoot someone for no reason or perpetrate any other crimes, this is your style of coaching. You’ve broken too many promises to count.

For my part, I’ll bring the candy, play the games and provide the craft supplies that I say I will. You can judge for yourself if your word is a true expression of who you are and if you are worthy of trust. Shalom.

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