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A little bit good

If ever I find that my perspective on life is negative or confused, the best strategy that I can conjure is to enter a classroom. Suddenly, my frustrations are erased at the wonderment I experience with first graders.

My habit is to advise early in the day that I always bring candy to my students. The reason, I say, is to make certain that my kids make good choices. The skeptics doubt existence of the candy so I always display and describe.

A little girl with a beautiful smile and name to match notified me that she had never experienced the joy of a Tootsie Roll. Her elation at the prospect of having one radiated from her face so much that I was instantly afraid of sunburn. For those who have a shortage of excitement in life, Tootsie Roll rapture appears to fill the bill.

Another student, Ricardo, proudly reported that he was doing a little bit good at one of our activities. His posture and expression suggested that little was a massive understatement.

And then there was Daniel, whose printing  and disposition were perfect. He brought me each drawing and his reaction of exuberance occurred each time I told him how talented he was. He deserved a mechanical pencil in addition to the designation of very special student (and candy). In return, he blessed me with two personal notes of gibberish and masterful penmanship.

My abundance garden is eternally full of blooming young personalities. They’re ecstatic about candy, coloring and cut-outs. They blossom with praise and their growth is palpable. For as long as I can water the soil in which they are planted, my world is bountiful. Shalom.

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