As knowledgeable, tech-savvy adults, most of us are likely to discount our adherence to or respect for many of the superstitions with which we were raised. Some of them are worth forgetting – step on a crack, break your mother’s back is a good example.

But I pay attention to the many old sayings or expressions that we learned in our youth. Every morning, when I am preparing to face the day and feel tempted to sing along with the radio, I remember my remarkable Aunt Lorraine who always admonished that it was bad luck to sing before breakfast.

She also comes to mind when I make certain that all closet doors are closed before I retire for the night. While I don’t remember what the origin of that rule was, I guess that it was a combination of bad luck and not angering the great gods of closet life.

It might be fun to track some of our old superstitions and see where they have landed. One that comes to mind is throwing salt over the shoulder. And there are some beauties on the Internet.

It appears that putting your clothes on inside out in Russia is bad luck. You can overcome the mojo by immediately putting them on correctly and have someone symbolically strike you. You’re not allowed to whistle indoors in Lithuania or the demons will be solicited. In Africa, you’re not allowed to sleep with your head to the west. Violating this one will also result in some bad luck.

One that I remember from my past is that having itchy palms is an indication that you’re going to acquire some money. Apparently, that superstition continues in Turkey. And here’s one of my favorites. Reportedly, stepping in dog poop is good luck to Frenchmen, especially if it’s your left foot.

Have some fun with all of that, if you like. But please don’t scold me for singing in the morning before breakfast. While I know that I am tempting fate, I’ll take my chances. Shalom.

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