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Yesterday I watched the finals for 2018 women’s figure skating championships and couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty, precision and grace of the competitors. If you are at all like me, you visualize yourself on ice, completing some or all of the magnificent moves that these skaters do.

As one whose skating consisted of several attempts at an outdoor pond that was frozen over in some hand-me-down skates, I can vaguely understand the hours, months and years necessary to reach these levels of accomplishment. It doesn’t take very long for me to conclude that this activity is best left to those much younger and more agile.

With a small amount of creativity, it’s fun to imagine bringing these types of competition to arenas with which I am familiar. What if I were able to compete for a gold, silver or bronze medal in downhill punctuation? How about cross-country grammar? And then there’s competitive figures of speech.

Yes, of course, my field of writing has its awards and distinctions, not only from a skill level but also in terms of sales. Stephen King has nothing to fear from my entering his horror/excitement genre – the scariest thing that I can think of in my experience was finding a mouse trapped and wriggling within the trap that I had set.

The accomplishments that I witnessed on ice yesterday were quite enjoyable and I found myself cheering for one competitor or another based on personality, humility and true passion for the endeavor. While I have no expectations that I will be celebrated for thousands of business letters, ongoing blog content and two (maybe three) books, I can imagine standing on the podium with any of the skating competitors just to see how it feels.

We’re all good at something, with some of us receiving medals and others of us feeling good that we’ve helped or entertained others with words. Shalom.

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