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Because we are constantly inundated with information on our various devices, we have become somewhat desensitized to a great deal of it. I’m not sure what the number is for the amount of data we can incorporate at any given moment, hour, day or otherwise. But when something is extraordinary, I am grateful for the ability to view something that wasn’t filtered.

Today I saw a brief clip that was untitled but as poignant a piece as I can remember seeing. It was a video of a severely disabled gentleman who was walking slowly with a cane, his dachshund by his side. The dog would take several steps, wait for his owner to catch up to him and resume his walk.

Over six million people had viewed this video by the time I did but I elected not to read the comments from any of them. The word “loyalty” was noted but my reaction and subsequent thoughts made this title somewhat inadequate.

My choice is to accept and treasure this two minutes as a moment of love, patience, understanding and beauty. Clearly, Fido was committed to his master, regardless of the speed with which he moved. And I can only imagine the feelings that the man had for his short friend who followed wherever he led.

If I am fortunate enough to see this type of devotion once in a week, a month, a year or a decade, I am grateful. Perhaps my eternal fear of losing my own mobility causes me to be touched by this gentleman’s fortitude. There’s no doubt that I’m a sucker for cute dog videos.

But this short piece of humanity displays the type of unconditional love that I treasure. If I have proven this level of caring for another human in my life, I am grateful. If we have evidence of what’s possible between other creatures on the planet that we occupy, so much the better. Shalom.

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