Every time I think I have identified a successful method for creating a sense of cooperation in the classroom, I discover a new one. Occasionally, it’s better. Sometimes, it’s simply different.

Very often, I establish eye contact and either cross my eyes or blink repeatedly. Most students will smile or giggle and want to do the right thing for me.

Sometimes I will walk up to a student hard at work and ask to see what he or she is doing. Most likely, he or she is flattered by the attention and is eager to share. Other times, I ask for assistance and receive offers from most of the class. They become participants rather than problems.

Clearly, we have much to learn as adults. Maybe our government or civic organizations can be run more efficiently with more humor and less name-calling. We might receive greater cooperation from those in whom we take an interest. And it’s a good possibility that increasing the values of others creates a winning outcome for all those who are involved. Shalom.

One thought on “Room for improvement

  1. We CAN learn from each other, and from our children. Less bickering, more cooperation. If one method doesn’t work, we should take the time to LISTEN to each other and then perhaps another method will work even better. If only our ‘leaders’ would become better listeners


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