How many of us enter an airplane, observe the standard safety protocols and begin to realize that we have absolutely no influence over our immediate destinies? At least one of us has recently pondered this reality.

You could probably make a case for a similar lack of control when getting in a car and entering a highway. Railroad travel initially seems the safest although we have also witnessed a number of serious rail accidents.

Why has this occurred to me? At 32,000 feet and experiencing some typical Rocky Mountain turbulence, I realize that I have tacitly deposited a huge amount of trust in the airline, 737, and crew of airline professionals who direct my progress through the clouds.

As we assume safe passage, I find that I prefer to trust the pilots of this plane than take them for granted. They will never know of my trust or faith in their skills. But I will.

Change the venue and it begins to make more sense. Most school days, a flock of parents entrust their children to the school and to me. This trust is beyond a sacred one – my unspoken promise is to deliver the best support and guidance to each child that I encounter.

Likewise, we trust our health professionals, auto mechanics, bookkeepers, financial planners and attorneys. Very often, we do so without any of these people providing any evidence of qualification.

All of this trust has a positive, fulfilling effect on me. Our civilization is advanced by millions of trust negotiations large and small that occur without notice. It is only when these negotiations are violated or unfulfilled that we witness chaos and dissension. Shalom.

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