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Climbing to the top

Another trip through the magnificent Rocky Mountains provided a new inspiration and provocative thought process. Many people attempt to climb to the top of a peak such as this one and I must wonder what about the everyday world equivalent to conquering the summit of a mountain.

Does reaching the top of one’s career equate to success? How about attaining vast financial success? Perhaps reaching the top varies from person to person in the same way that happiness depends on individual goals or hopes.

For me, reaching this spot on the mountain would represent a beginning rather than an end. This standpoint would enable assisting others to reach their destinations rather than simply languishing in the feeling of victory. But there are numerous alternatives.

One is to write a guide for achieving the desired destination. Did it require more than persistence and recovery from setbacks? Is it a solitary journey or can it effectively include others? And does one accomplishment motivate us to seek others?

From what I’ve seen, those who climb 14ers or other peaks continue to seek the thrill of arriving at the top by climbing more and more mountains. While I don’t participate in that activity, I do seek new challenges to understand and approach. And so, as always, I offer a suggestion to my readers.

Don’t allow your successful journeys to prevent you from assisting others in completing theirs. When you earn two dollars, give one of them to someone who may not have your resources and talent to earn for himself. Once you’ve arrived at a position of success, take a moment to look around you at the view. You may have arrived through hard work and determination but there’s a good possibility that you have others to thank for your victory. Shalom.


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