Many millions of Americans are watching the horrible destruction effected by wildfires in California. With few exceptions, we are helpless but emotional about the many thousands of acres that are being consumed by the fires and the tragic loss of homes and businesses.

We are unable to watch without imagining a similar tragedy impacting our families and people who mean a great deal to us. With that reality, we fervently hope for rain, a reduction in the gale winds and a miraculous end to the indescribable loss.

California, we share your pain and wish for a rapid and successful resolution. Please be confident that we look forward to identifying methods with which we can come to your aid and lessen your grief. Whether our strategies include wishes, prayers or simply a spiritual message, we want only the best for all of those who are impacted.

In the interim, on this anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, a monumental day in American history, please be strengthened by the support of your country and the encouragement from many more than you will ever know to meet or thank.  We send you our love and courage. Shalom

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