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Our holiday of thanks

For all my years in the United States of America, I have absolutely no recollection of anyone ever bad-mouthing or diminishing our Thanksgiving holiday. For this realization and many others, I join many millions of Americans in giving thanks for this day.

We disagree on many subjects and we (regrettably) find it necessary to take the lives of others, with no understandable provocation. But in spite of the acts of anger or lunacy, we unite on most of those subjects that are important to us as Americans.

On this day, I give thanks for many, many gifts. At the top, I am grateful for a family that is loving, caring, thoughtful and kind. In addition, I have many devoted friends who have demonstrated their loyalties in a wide variety of ways. And as I often remark, any day that I can get out of bed and put both feet on the floor without assistance is a good day.

To live in the magnificent United States of America is a gift and a privilege. I am grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy, the mind-stopping terrain and scenery that we enjoy and the indescribable spirit of belonging to a country that is diverse, evolving and always wonderful.

If I have brought you smiles, tears, love or a sense of understanding through my writing, I am truly grateful for that as well. Enjoy our country’s extraordinary celebration and take a moment to give thanks for your countless blessings. Shalom.

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