Imagine having all of the component parts to create your most special friend. What characteristics would this treasured person possess?

At the top of my list is loyalty. When you succeed or fail, celebrate or despair, laugh or cry, this is the person to call. He or she will greet you with warmth, concern and the certainty that you were the best person to be on your end of the phone call. You will be enhanced, accepted and approved, no matter the situation.

The next ingredient for constructing a friend is understanding. Statements such as, “I’m so sorry” or “I can see why you feel as you do” are valuable beyond any traditional measurement.

Finally, if you seek to create a friend, you must have a desire to act on your behalf. This may take many forms, from “I wish that I had been there” to “Is there anything I can do to help?” The friends whom I call lifetime are unrestricted and unconditional about coming to my rescue.

In return for these qualities, I often say that I would throw myself in front of a bus to save my friends. Because they all know that I am sincere about those whom I call friends, I know that they would reciprocate.

If you have one or two such friends in a lifetime, you can consider yourself truly enriched. This is the status I enjoy and I hope that my several remarkable, irreplaceable confidants are confident of my love. Shalom

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