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Some of us avoid and abhor change. And there are some who embrace and enjoy it. My suggestion based on years of reflection and observation is that change doesn’t need to be radical in order to be enjoyable and productive.

Here are my thoughts: Most of us don’t aspire to radical cosmetic modification or gender re-definitions so that’s not my area of expertise. Making minor alterations to your being and your day can produce some worthwhile outcomes.

For example, choose a different route to work or school and take notice of the unfamiliar faces, businesses or neighborhood landmarks. Have tea instead of your usual breakfast coffee. And greet someone to whom you’ve never spoken with, “Good morning! How’s your day?”

Endless opportunities for minute variations from your daily routine will become apparent. Assemble clothes that you’ve never paired before. Put something new and unfamiliar in your lunch. Have your partner’s favorite beverage waiting when he or she comes home from work.

While none of these will lengthen your life or change gray hair back to its original color, you will see effects. Magically, improving and augmenting your life and those of others will upgrade your attitude.

My belief is that this is a way of identifying tiny life aspects in order to compile a more beautiful big picture. Experiment and let me know how it works. Shalom.

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