A young man was attempting to push a less than sturdy cart containing far too many packages of bottled water. While I admired his courage, I wondered at the wisdom of transporting many items that were precariously balanced. We were at Burbank airport with quite a few passengers coming and going to gates but everyone stayed out of his path.

As I feared, at one point six or eight of these bundles escaped the tower of water. They landed on all sides of his cart, causing the young man to mutter and shake his head.

Within seconds, four sturdy men jumped up and began assisting him with reloading and steadying his cart. Although I admit to thinking about joining them, their bulk and apparent competence with the situation persuaded me to refrain.

The more I watched, the better I felt about people and their uncomplicated desires to help each other. Sadly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if no-one had offered help. But they did, quickly and cheerfully, wishing the young man good luck as he slowly left the area.

One of my frequent statements to students is, “Never give up.” This usually refers to math, social studies or writing. But I’m well-advised to heed my own words with regard to humanity. If I ever stop believing in man’s propensity to do good, I’ll grab a water bottle and reconsider. Shalom.

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