Flying home within the last few days, I thought of and began to appreciate events that we have experienced on our paths. When we were younger (or much younger), the identities of “big events” were quite different from what they are now.

For example, I remember looking forward to the first big freeze so that I could try out my cousin’s hand-me-down ice skates. Having socks stuffed in the toes didn’t matter at all – being on ice was a special yearly ritual.

The same was true for snowmen, hopscotch, hula hoop contests and spelling bees. We eagerly anticipated new spiral notebooks for the school year, covering our textbooks with brown bags and waiting to see which of our friends were in our classes.

Right now, many of these sound pretty mundane. Big events consist of family reunions, planning for a month-long Europe journey in the far-off future and the steps involved in publishing a book. Somehow it seems rather sad that big events generally become costly, complicated and challenging.

Maybe I’ll buy a few spiral notebooks and a package of number two pencils. It may develop into an occasion to bake cupcakes, after which I can dust them with colored sprinkles.

Redefining happiness will most likely create more occasions for it to materialize. Let’s just call it going to the past in order to enlarge and enhance the present and future. Shalom.

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