Sometimes I wonder if our fascination with people and things relies on our inability to comprehend them. This wondering happens in a wide variety of circumstances. Happily, there are so many processes, things and venues that I don’t know, I am confident that my curiosity can never end.

With regard to people, you can make a case for love deepening and expanding over time. Do we love our children more as they grow older? That’s probably the subject for other, more extensive reflections. But for now, I would suggest that as our children become adults, we find more about them to love, admire, respect and appreciate.

On the other side, isn’t some of our fascination with celebrities associated with what we don’t (or can’t) know? Does Harrison Ford read poetry? Did Ingrid Bergman have suppressed desires to be a school teacher? Has Tom Hanks ever visited Jerusalem’s Western Wall? In this case, mystery is perpetual.

My fascination with specific inanimate objects relies entirely on my lack of understanding them. As someone who has never learned to play chess, I view it as elite, noble and somehow unavailable to the masses. Although I have a vague idea of the physics associated with helicopters, x-rays and microwaves, I remain in awe of their genius. Likewise, as much as I am annoyed by spam, I am always intrigued by the fact that it is persistent and all-pervasive.

For my part, it is preferable to remain mystified by as many of these entities as I choose. Rather than considering it an exercise in ignorance, I’ll just call it a parcel of mystery that I elect to hide away for eternity. Shalom.

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