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Adult magic wands

Those of us who spend time with children, either our own or others, have encountered the desire for superpowers, often vested in carefully distributed wands. Ask a child what he or she would do with a magic wand and you’re likely to hear an interesting collection of tasks.

I would transport myself from here to somewhere like Disneyland. I would use it to make a new house for my mama. I would use it to stop criminals from hurting people.

But I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about what adults would do with similarly-equipped devices. What would we do with magic wands? Would we use them as judiciously as our younger counterparts?

If I were in the mood for a particular wine, I would use my happy tool to change my bottle from what I had to a favorite one. Or if I were in the mood for Thai food, I would use Wand to manufacture a gourmet meal.

Not all of my uses would be self-serving. When I see a student wearing the same sweatshirt for ten days, I would create a new one and surreptitiously place it on his desk. When my kids are hungry and the breakfasts we supply are gone, I would use my device to make more burritos or pizzas. And what if I could extend recess by 10 minutes on a sunny day?

My wand would need to work for long-range activities. Why not use it to clear snow at airports experiencing major delays? How about using it for finding cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s? Think how much fun it would be to wave it at someone on television who is spouting nonsense, immediately silencing that person’s noise.

As much as all of this sounds like fairy tale fantasizing, I prefer to consider it dreaming big. Why stop dreaming? Those who took the time to dream created many of our life-changing realities. Shalom.

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