On the occasions where I am speaking with new people or addressing a group, I mention that I have written two books and edited several others. These are facts of which I am proud but that only minimally define me. Very often, a conversation ensues that sounds like this:

Wow, I wish that I could write a book. I’ve always wanted to do that.

And what’s prevented you?

Mostly me. I’m not smart enough (diligent enough, focused enough, literate enough, etc.)

According to whom?

Just me.

Do you have a journey to describe or information that you want to share?

Oh sure. I’ve got a bunch of things to write.

While the balance of the conversation depends on the time, location and circumstances, my answer is generally the same: If you have a story to tell, you really should tell it. It’s easier than you believe.

The reason for which you’re writing this book must be clear from the beginning. With about 200 million books released per year, you’ll want to be realistic about the likelihood of writing a best seller. But if you have a story that’s engaging, a process that will save others time or money, a talent for comedy or a variety of other inclinations, the need to proceed is compelling. You will likely be surprised at the number of readers who will be grateful.

Thanks to the vast alternatives available to writers, you won’t go through the traditional laborious steps of sending query letters, waiting for copious publishers to respond or submitting unedited copy. This is the best time that there has ever been to exercise your brain and your creative impulses. As I say to many would-be authors, if you have something to say, don’t make excuses for yourself. Now is the time to say it. Shalom.

2 thoughts on “Write a book

  1. I think I would enjoy writing a book more than I enjoy working out! If only I had time to do BOTH! Looking forward to your NEXT one!


    1. You made me feel guilty about not working on my book so I resumed that today. I hadn’t touched it since June 28! But now I have 107 pages written and I’m still working.


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