This was the subject of my class’s writing narrative. As usual, I feel privileged and somehow specially gifted with twenty-six smart, engaged, affectionate and sweet young personalities.

If I knew the secret of inheriting this type of group as compared to those who present problems all day, I would be grateful. Sometimes it’s their (usual) teacher, sometimes the school, other times the demographics. This time, I’m guessing that it’s part chemistry and part magic.

They communicate an awareness of how I feel about them. Beyond that, I’ve had the revelation that they are aware of their ability to approach me about any subject.

My heart is full of conviction that I am where I can create the greatest amount of good. They look me in the eyes and I can tell them how wonderful they are. They seek and receive acknowledgement or approval on all positive actions. And they tell me that I am the best teacher that they have ever had.

But I really do know why they behave as they do. Unlike many of the teachers I observe, I make it possible for them to see and interact with me as a real person. During the course of the day, I grin and wink and hide and giggle and call them gerbils. We talk about my family, we discuss what they want to be when they are older and we analyze the high and low points of the day.

Most importantly, I suppose, I accept and cherish them exactly as they are. They give me much more than I can express but as they leave for the day, they do so with the words from me that they are special and uniquely terrific. How grateful I am for the favorite days that they provide. Shalom.

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