As we contemplate the recent events in Las Vegas, we can only shake our heads and shed tears for the indescribable tragedy suffered by so many. Can we learn any life lessons from this devastation? The teacher, mother, grandmother and American components of me will respond with a definite yes.

One lesson emerges:  Because we don’t ever know the number minutes we have to love, learn, nurture, teach or complete any other actions we treasure, each moment must be sacred. None of those who were shot, trampled or hospitalized could have anticipated the Mandalay Bay events. We can only hope that they used abruptly shortened times on earth to live as their hearts directed them.

For those left behind, there are only memories and images remaining to preserve and cherish. As always, senseless acts leave us in wonder and profound sadness.

Our country and our world mourn your loss and work to find ways to assist. This is not the time for politics, bandwagons or harsh warnings to those of us who have been witnesses. Know that we share your pain and join in the prayer that brings you comfort. Shalom.

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