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American beauty

Driving through the mountains and discovering the fall colors, I am humbled by nature’s spectacles. It occurred to me for the first time that nature’s gifts are as unique in their splendor as those who witness them.

It was captivating to give each tree, bush and leaf cluster an identity and a voice. Imagine the chorus of creatures, each singing “God Bless America.” And like those whose world they populate, they emerge, blossom and perish as time passes.

Every curve, county road and cliff was different, with all leafy inhabitants proudly displaying infinite shades of yellow, orange and red. It was as if they were working cooperatively for the most breathtaking vista that they could create.

What a powerful metaphor for our magnificent country! Beauty in diversity, nature’s best, standing resolutely as they leaned toward the sun.

The land of treedom provides refuge for many co-inhabitants of all sizes and varieties. While survival of the fittest prevails, keen observers can witness the travels of creatures throughout their living spaces.

If we fail to appreciate the vastness of nature’s gifts, no matter the season, we lose an opportunity to understand the many phenomena for which we should be grateful. Taking any part of American beauty for granted is never an option, no matter the inhabitants or landscape. With practice, we can become more adept at living respectfully with each other, in kindness and peace. Shalom.

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