As we drove by a vacant lot this morning, we noticed a corner of that lot that was filled with trash, including a discarded mattress. The last time we had passed that lot it was filled with cars waiting to be sold but the cars had been removed and some unthinking and socially irresponsible idiot decided to use the lot as a landfill.

It always disturbs me when I see my fellow citizens behaving stupidly or without any concern for the rest of us. These are the unconscious who flick their cigarette butts out of their windows, especially when we are in the middle of a drought. They are the dog walkers who pay no attention to collecting their dogs’ waste. And they are the shoppers who push shopping carts all the way home, leaving them in an alley or nearby park.

For fear of sounding sanctimonious, I continue to wonder how and where these folks were educated relative to good sense and social conscience. It also makes me wonder how these citizens would react to the shopping carts being left on their front lawns or dogs making deposits where their children play.

The golden rule continues to be one of the most important lessons we can practice and promote. Because it is a rule that I teach and observe, I challenge anyone to question its relevance or timeliness.

The most pertinent version is that we are not alone in our world and it’s mandatory to behave in ways that we want for ourselves. When you are in a hurry to check out at your superstore, imagine how it feels to have the person behind you shoving their cart into your back. If you understand that, you might want to refrain from jostling the person ahead of you, no matter where you are. Shalom.

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