Today I had the special privilege of spending half-hour sessions with three kindergarten classes. The details are immaterial but the lessons are enormous.

Three groups of 4 to 5-year olds with a cornucopia of backgrounds spent a small portion of their day with someone never seen before. Without exception, students were welcoming, inquisitive and spontaneously affectionate.

Without filters or precedents, we formed trusting and personal connections. Kids assumed (accurately) that I was combination advocate/secret-sharer/helper and source of knowledge.

As a refugee from corporate America, I am enriched by the 60 snippets of personality that were my gifts today. Traditional jobs have no “I love you,” hugs, excitement about Minnie Mouse on my watch or fervent good-bye waves.

Of course, the tangible remuneration is vastly superior in corporate America. But how many of these jobs welcome you in unison, share favorite books or offer some treasured apple slices?

If none of this seems appealing, so be it. Enjoy your board (bored) meetings, spread sheets and time cards. For me, there is much more to be learned and gained in kindergarten. Friendships have no racial hesitations, lunches are adventures free of politics and smiles are always reciprocated. Shalom.

One thought on “Every precious minute

  1. I would welcome being back in kindergarten, and have some small memories of taking naps on rugs and drinking milk and cookies . Life was certainly much simpler then.


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