If you spend time on the Internet, you are exposed to the massive volume of information that it makes readily available. For those of us who derive income (and immense gratification) from the ability to transmit and receive that information, this is an immeasurable advancement.

Regrettably, many have decided to use this medium for launching endless and disturbing negativity. Dump those kitchen tools. Baby boomers have ruined vacations. Here are 378 ways to cause a heart attack by the time you’re 50. Take a look at 100 celebrities whose appearance has drastically declined.

Part of this may simply be attributable to the tendency of many to search for and focus on the darker side of humanity. Another aspect may be the use of attention-grabbing headlines to direct you toward buying something or other.

One genius recently ranted at the media about the lack of positive, community-service actions in Houston that they are reporting. Seriously? The stories of people from everywhere helping others outnumber tales of looting or other criminal activity by 30 to one. As one of my friends would say, I wonder what party he votes for?

When you wonder about the origins of bullying or aggression in our schools, check out the tone of information that’s proliferated. While I can’t change human nature, I can and will be a positive role model wherever and whenever possible.

Stop complaining or criticizing and begin applauding and approving. Instead of finding innovative ways to rip off the government, find an avenue to give of yourself to your world. Shalom.

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