By this time, we have seen the television coverage of the tragic devastation occurring in central Texas and Louisiana. While many have the ability to make contributions to (legitimate) charities large and small, my sincere belief is that many thousands of us wish that we could do much, much more to assist.

Although the majority of us can’t reach or touch those who need us the most, the country and the world are watching. We are cheering for the seniors who were successfully rescued from the waist-high water that confused and frightened them. We are grateful for those who have exposed themselves in danger to save others.

Your country salutes the thousands of Texas who have stepped forward to volunteer their time and resources to help those who need shelter, food and water. Thank you to the 12,000 National Guard members who tirelessly rescue Texans from homes, businesses, apartments and vehicles.

If caring, hoping, cheering and sending our fervent wishes for relief and security reach you, we know that you will appreciate being in our thoughts. If we don’t have the opportunity to lend a hand, understand that it’s not by choice but by circumstances.

Don’t give up or lose hope. Know that relief is on the way and we’re doing everything possible to get blankets for your children, food on your plates and the return of security to your hearts. Shalom.

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