It was another of those third-grade days. We did math, reading, P.E., writing and some laptop spelling and word recognition. Recess was warmer than we would have liked and I observed considerable fidgeting as the end of the day was near.

Thankfully, I had an educator light bulb and advised my class to store their math notebooks and await further instructions. Once I made some 5”x7” foam sheets, curling ribbon, hot air balloon and tiny sea-life stickers available, the classroom mood was elevated and energized. Eventually, some paper butterflies, crowns and frogs also emerged from my magic bag.

One young man who sits near my desk was quickly transformed into an artist, confidant and dream analyst. From the instant that materials were within reach, he constructed a diorama of a dream that included a royal frog who presided over his lily pad and other creatures within his soggy realm.

What a fortunate situation that he had the tools with which to depict his fantasy! As a witness to the event, I had the additional joy of observing him develop the project with commentary, the most important of which was his hopes that his family liked what he did.

He bounced back and forth from his desk to mine, making certain that borrowed supplies were returned to me and scrupulously tossing any trash. He gave me the honor of his trust and an opportunity to reassure him on the quality of his creation.

If only I could facilitate this type of joy with every activity. Or maybe it’s necessary to survive the repetition of addition for a royal frog to become reality. It definitely makes a case for letting our imaginations take over to transcend daily realities. Shalom.

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