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One bald eagle

No matter how often serendipity strikes and I am able to identify a bald eagle, the experience always enriches and enlivens me. You get that much pleasure from a bird, you ask?

Absolute, positively yes. This remarkable creature is much more than a representative of the aviary community. He is beautiful, graceful and fiercely solitary in his majestic glide.

More importantly, he is the symbol of this great country, the United States of America. He represents our freedom, national pride, history and future. While we have numerous unique eagles that occupy our planet, this is the one who carries the tradition of our democracy.

Admittedly, part of my fascination and rapture is due to the fact that I hadn’t seen this magnificent bird until the last ten years of my life. He may not have been important to me, the areas in which I lived did not include this bird’s habitat or I simply never knew he was there.

And so, one might correctly guess that the bald eagle is symbolic of my personal growth and sophistication as an American and a patriot. Maybe the sight of this bird is amplified in its importance because he appeared to me after so many years of absence.

No matter the reason, I share my joy with all those who will see this bird and celebrate him and the person without whom I would never have looked to the sky. Shalom.

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