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Pursuing perfection

To remain as I am is impossible; I must die or be better, it appears to me.

Abraham Lincoln

Wherever you may be in life, professionally or personally, most would agree with Mr. Lincoln that a constant pursuit of self-improvement is critically important. We want to complete positive action for the world in which we live, provide for our families and generally improve the amount of good that we generate.

The goal is inherently positive except when we err in believing that we can and should achieve perfection. We’ve all met the folks who are convinced that they have reached that state – their egos enter the room five minutes before they do.

Arriving at the state of perfection is immediately defeated by our status of being human. Alas, there are no 1-800-PERFECT or www.amIperfectyet.com locations to check on our progress toward the flawless state. If that seems regrettable, count how many people you have encountered who have no imperfections. After you reach zero, consider the fact that the state of being beyond correction is as arbitrary as being tall enough, smart enough or beautiful enough.

With that realization, my recommendation is not giving up on erasing those aspects that you would like to improve. In the event that you seek Abe’s level of self-actualization, choose areas for getting better that are realistic and measurable. You are the only agency capable of determining how well you’re progressing. Somehow, that’s always enough. Shalom.

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