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Take a chance

Many of us who listen to an extraordinary, melodic voice or view a spectacular work of art tell ourselves that we are painfully lacking in talent. Isn’t it a shame that we could never create such sounds or visual banquets? I’ve been told by someone with graphics/artistry know-how that my stick figures are awful.

Silence that voice that condemns you to a life without traditional specialties and find something that makes you feel fulfilled or gratified or creative. The copious adult coloring books that have suddenly appeared may be your niche. Buy a harmonica and teach yourself how to play it, whether anyone ever hears you or not. Invest in an indoor garden or become a crossword commandant.

Inside each one of us is the potential to do something in our own way, to our particular taste, for our personal entertainment. This is not to suggest that you’ll break records, win international awards or find a multi-million-dollar avocation. What I am saying is that all of us have something at which we can excel or that we can enjoy. The only missing component is effort.

There are countless frontiers to be explored. As one who began writing after many years of doing otherwise, I can verify that exercising sleeping skills has been indescribably satisfying. Take a chance, do something new and leave your limitations in the dust. You have abilities to do something and need only identify what it is. Shalom.

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