On our way to the mountains yesterday, I couldn’t help but observe the number of people who appeared to be in a hurry, so much so that we were being passed by cars traveling at very high speeds. While I understand that people have schedules, appointments and other urgent matters, I had to wonder how much of it was simply the habit of traveling at high speeds.

There is so much more to be gained by taking the time to look around, inhale the mountains with their blooming green tree tapestries, and exercise the imagination. Seeing a parade of three Jeeps from Saskatchewan, we imagined that they were a collection of Canadian spies who were plotting secession from their country. Likewise, seeing a “falling rock” sign, we were motivated to look at the rocks in our vicinity and imagine which one was plotting its journey down the incline.

If that isn’t sufficiently entertaining, looking for signs can often be a terrific pastime. Just think of the stories generating places such as Witches’ Brew Bridge, Old Drunkard’s Drive, Ugly Uncle’s Underpass and Magic Melody Meadow. Yes, I concocted these locations but if you are paying attention, you can find road signs that are equally exotic.

If you are one of those who is so preoccupied with your destination as to miss the process of getting there, you are wasting travel time that may well be fulfilling. Take a moment to imagine the process that pioneers took to cross the territory occupied by your interstate. You don’t need to be a best-selling novelist to do it; it merely requires a short (slow) mental journey. Shalom.

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