Believing everyone is dangerous, but believing nobody is more dangerous. Abraham Lincoln

When did you stop believing someone, everyone or everything? My guess is that if you stated, “All of the above,” you’ve stopped believing in yourself. Let’s think of an example.

It’s quite common to do what I call installing a ceiling on your head. This is an invisible barrier, one that prohibits you from being or doing whatever your heart tells you to do. On a daily basis, I tell children that the only ceiling they have is the one that they put there.

Stop believing in yourself and the next step is to stop believing others. When I tell you that you can achieve everything in your dreams, the lack of belief in yourself enables you to delete my conviction. Pretty soon everyone loses credibility and you can disregard everything.

On the far end of that spectrum is believing everyone. Fast money schemes, no liability promises and encouragement to stretch the rules all fall under that dubious category. Somewhere in the middle we all find the ability to trust those who are worth trusting and disbelieving the rest.

One of my favorite statements is, “trust your gut.” Believe that you will make the right choice and you will. This type of determination will enable you to trust the right people and watch them live up to your expectations. As usual, Honest Abe has the right idea. Extremes don’t work but good judgment does. Shalom.

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