No matter our financial condition, age, education or social status, the one immutable gift we can all give to others is our word. This takes infinite forms. If you say that you will be somewhere at a specific time, I believe that you will be there. If you indicate that you will complete a particular task, I am certain that you will do so. And most importantly, if you are my friend, I can rely on your friendship.

Likewise, my word reflects who I am and the values that I live. Somewhere, at least in my world, the imperative to keep promises and fulfill obligations has become compromised.

Promising to pay for services received is a critical obligation. Answering communications on a timely basis is a courtesy not subject to interpretation. And committing to business endeavors and activities must be as binding a decision as a written contract.

Sadly, this is not the world I observe. Didn’t we tell our children not to call each other names? Regardless of the game, it’s critical to play fair and not bully others. Broken promises are exactly like spam. No-one wants or needs them, they don’t serve any purpose and they are worthy of deletion. Shalom.

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