Can someone assist me in understanding why we are suddenly seeing endless quizzes on social media? Just when I thought that I had completed enough exams and challenges to my background or education, I see ubiquitous quizzes that challenge me on more subjects than I can efficiently list.

For example, my most recent exposure to quizzes included asking about rare and generally unappetizing foods. It causes me to wonder why they continue to appear. Needless to say, it’s my right and usual response to ignore these. But I guess that I’m amused or intrigued by the frequency with which they are now appearing.

In the course of one day, I can take a quiz on unusual or most common baby girl names, kitchen tools that have all but disappeared, most beautiful US vacation spots, how many movie musicals you can name and what are the most socially acceptable methods of pureeing carrots? Obviously, I made up the last one but it’s indicative of the types of mental exercises that we see on the web.

It’s easy enough to move on to some other bubble of information on social media. But as someone who considers herself to be intellectually curious, I can’t help but wonder why the quizzes suddenly appear. Is it as simple as attracting advertisers through statistics of how many people spend how many minutes per day on the site? Or is it to enable some to name themselves as one of only 1% of viewers who can name the tallest brick structures east of the Mississippi River?

Some of us must dearly require status. If it feels good, by all means do it. Shalom.

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