After a recent and unfortunate exchange of client emails, I found myself faced with a consequential decision. Should I send one more communication or take the path of e-silence? Ultimately, nothing would be gained by sending another message so I elected to do nothing.

Somehow a lesson emerged. Whether it is in the realm of one-to-one or electronic interactions, it seems that the election to say nothing is much more powerful and useful than anything that can be said. We kid ourselves to believe that having the “last word” constitutes a victory. Or maybe we feel that it’s an accomplishment.

There’s no magic to the value of silence. We’ve had songs and poetry venerating silence. Anyone who has taught or raised young children can attest to the bliss of silence following chaos. And some of our most breathtaking sights can be best appreciated with silent wonder.

Having learned from a choice not to respond, I will dedicate more time to not saying something. This decision is likely to produce useful results and may set a worthwhile example. Shalom.


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