For some reason, I’ve been seeing numerous online articles that speak with reverence about diverse items from the past. We look at aluminum ice cube trays, telephone booths, television rabbit ears and S&H Green Stamps with curiosity, reverence and nostalgia. In some cases, items are offered to our younger generations as some confirmation of the value of our previous (and much less complicated) existence.

Yes, we had many items and concepts in days gone by that are often worthy of recollecting. Many of us remember when phone calls were returned within hours instead of the current habit of waiting days to return text messages. We also remember days of filling up our gas tanks for less than $10 rather than checking the current cost of oil barrels and proudly addressing our flag without wondering who’s disrespecting it.

From my standpoint, there are many parts of the past that are better left there. We now have the ability to have face-to-face conversations with people on other continents. Those of us who are writers can edit critical resumes and cover letters and send the corrected versions to those in urgent need of employment. And we have the ability to protect our homes and families from bad guys with a number of apps or services that can be installed within minutes.

By no means is this an all or nothing proposition. We don’t need to chuck the past to embrace the present. But I humbly suggest that the next time you think about the idyllic long ago, realize and appreciate the comforts we celebrate from the hard work and dedication of those who made them happen. Shalom.

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