One of the (countless) learning events that I enjoy while educating elementary school children is that they fully believe that they have no boundaries. In some cases this is a problem, particularly when a child believes that his or her space can and should overtake that of someone else.

On the plus side, I have learned that we all have the ability to dream and it’s merely our adult reality checks that delete that ability.  When I ask my students what they want to do with their lives, they seldom have no answer. Some want to be firefighters, some police officers. Many want to be soldiers, sailors or Marines – just like Mom, Dad or Uncle Fred. In all cases, they want to be the best firefighters, police officers or sailors. To date, I haven’t heard a student opt for mediocrity (or being ordinary).

What’s just as interesting is that kids, if given an opportunity, will always indicate a desire to improve the world. We do exercises in winning big jackpots or having fat paychecks. Without exception, children want to use that imaginary money to eliminate hunger, provide housing or simply give it away to others.

We have so much to learn from our kid-teachers. While we know that none of us can eliminate hunger, poverty or homelessness, we can all improve the world. With one kind gesture, one donation, one volunteer activity or one simple smile, we can be best citizens of our planet. Shalom.

One thought on “Improving the world

  1. I’ve always thought that our children were our hope to ‘save the world’. Idealistic, I know, but when I used to attend my son’s musical shows or concerts, and I heard all those clear voices, in unison, that’s how I felt. With the advent of the internet, violent video games, social media, and all of the external stimulation around us, I have some doubts. Thank goodness we have teachers like you! 🙂


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