The value that you bring to your organization is measured by your impact on either the company environment as a whole or on the bottom line – or both.

Your employer won’t increase your earnings except on the basis of how you impact his (or her) productivity, image or self-esteem.

If you have done everything that is intrinsic to excellent performance, you will never need to ask for a pay raise – it will be inevitable. What forms does a pay raise take?  Earnings, equity, retirement, management.

How are your accomplishments best measured: internally or externally? Both. What does “write your own pay raise” truly mean?  Is it to define your position within the organization as well as determining your income?  Of course, both.

Why does an organization need someone who is capable of designing his or her own role within that organization? These are the people who initiate change, growth and profitability. What is the alternative (if any) to writing your own pay raise? Waiting and hoping.

What liabilities are implied by the authority to writing your own pay raise? Leadership, ingenuity, loyalty, identity as active participant in organization. What responsibilities are implied? Continued initiative, management potential, product development.

For those who seek to have control over their careers, displaying creativity and initiative in a receptive corporate setting will generally produce better consequences than mediocrity.  Shalom

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