Last evening, I was watching evening news when a local station displayed, “To Loud To Tolerate.” After I gasped at the glaring error, I began to wonder who the editor and producer of this broadcast were and how they allowed it to happen. Thankfully, the next time these four words were shown, they were, “Too Loud to Tolerate.”

At least one of us is noticing the lack of grammatical, spelling and punctuation accuracy that pervades our world. Yesterday I noticed a blog from this site that indicated, “Teddy, me and the kids….” While I understand that writers have the option to write as they speak, don’t we have an unspoken obligation to display what’s right as we describe what we feel?

Sloppiness is ubiquitous. One of my high school classmates has no idea about the differences between to, two and too. Every time I see her social media posts, I grimace at her indication of going “two” lunch with some friends. And each time I wonder if I can or should advise her. The answer is always no.

Yes, I know that it’s none of my business and I have no ability to change the course of our great country’s collapsing standards. Considering this reality, I realize that some people really don’t care about being correct. What does it matter, after all? I’m not in school and no-one is grading my content. Maybe the lack of attention to accuracy has been with us all along but becomes more obvious as our venues for self-expression increase.

Be assured that it matters to one of us and that I will continue to set the example that I choose. It reassures me that somewhere,  Walter Cronkite, my hero, is smiling and nodding his approval at my commitment. Shalom.

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