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Most of the people I’ve met who have origins in the city of Chicago are proud of that geography and are eager to share their experiences, points of reference and feelings about the time spent there.  I am no different, in that I eagerly display my miscellaneous memorabilia, most of which I have gathered since leaving there.

Can it be said that those who are born in Albuquerque, Birmingham, Columbus and Detroit have the same nostalgia that I do about my home? It’s impossible for me to know. But in spite of the fact that it’s been many years since I lived in Chicago, I can say with certainty that many of us maintain significant sentimentality about the big city on Lake Michigan.

To me, Chicago is worthy of loyalty. The skyline, lake shore, architecture and history are all remarkable and fascinating. Chicago is home to numerous highly regarded colleges and universities, in addition to world class museums such as the Art Institute. And if you’re a sports fan, you have options in all flavors of athletics, each with a devoted collection of followers.

Up to this point, many of these qualities can be identified in other major cities. But for those who know my city and those who don’t, there is a special attitude and essence that prevails only in Chicago. It’s surprisingly friendly, cohesive in its diversity and simply a brilliant journey through urban culture.

If you find yourself in Chicago, talk to the natives, rest a while in Navy Pier and reverse your prejudices about large cities. You will be grateful that you did. Shalom.

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