If you are fortunate enough to live in Colorado as I do, you are undoubtedly aware of the majestic Rocky Mountains and the remaining spell-binding scenery that we have available to us. Many have heard me state that every day is one of beauty when I can look at our mountains and see how they change.

On the most recent trip to the less-publicized western part of this state, I (thankfully) became aware of many sights that I had previously not seen. Of course, I have the luxury of observing everything around me as a passenger rather than a driver. And by no means do I suggest that drivers lose focus on the road and road signs.

Everything between the signs constitutes the next dimension of appreciating our surroundings. For example, I saw a sign reading, “Pick ‘Cots – $1.00.” The western slope is full of fruit orchards, including cherries, apricots and peaches. The endless fields are beautiful to me and I received the sign as an invitation to participate in the richness of this fruit-filled world.

Another part of the journey furnished a barnyard comprised of donkeys and goats. While this seemed to be an unusual fraternity, the animals didn’t realize that they were potential adversaries. They grazed and brayed, soaking up the same sunshine that I absorbed. They may have idiosyncrasies that make them less common than cattle or sheep but this farmer created a welcoming domicile.

The road signs aren’t very entertaining but the sights between them definitely are. Find a way to pick some ‘cots. Spend an hour or two sipping regional wine and watching the wind blow through the trees that freckle our mountains. Take some time, wave at the folks in small towns who wave at you and notice the tiny pieces that make our world a treasure. Shalom.

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