Because I’ve been questioning quite a few of my current realities, the subject of logic occurred to me. Many of us, I suppose, have evolved with the concept of equating logic with veracity. If we hear the term, “It’s logical,”  we are likely to equate that to truth. Something is logical so it must be true.

The problem, thanks to my analysis, is that something logical is not necessarily true. We err when we connect the two. Here’s an example:

Teaching a class of third graders, I recently observed a young man wearing the same shirt five days in a row. Without taking the time or potential embarrassment to him, I reached the conclusion that this was the only shirt he had. It was a logical thought, I believed, based on the reality that I teach in a depressed, disadvantaged environment.

But what if it was his favorite shirt? Or what if he had several shirts that looked exactly the same? Maybe he had other shirts but his mom or dad or grandparent washed it because he loved it. All of those are logical, possible and potentially correct.

Clearly, this consideration won’t eliminate poverty, reduce crime or create improved communications. But the next time I hear, “It’s a logical conclusion,” I’ll be more likely to conclude that it’s one of several logical explanations, not the only one.  Shalom.


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