As an educator and writer, it seems appropriate for the two professions to coincide if not mutually reinforce. For that reason, I will continue to pass along my learning events, the most recent of which concerns change.

Change is inevitable, as it has always been. Our options remain quite simple – we can accept it or complain about it, realizing that whining doesn’t impact the change at all. My observation concerns understanding.

In spite of having spent some time on the planet, I fail to understand many events or realities that surround me. But only recently, I have decided that a failure to understand many of those realities doesn’t equate to acceptance. This allows me to choose my battles, confining them to those situations where I have the ability to make positive changes. That doesn’t mean that I understand government corruption or child abuse. But I do know that I can do a great deal for at least one of them and will continue, in the classroom and in my writing. Shalom.

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